MGG INSPO REPEAT – Chat with a tv producer / author / YouTuber

My guest this week is a multi-faceted entrepreneur: Miss Charlotte Burley

Charlotte is an award winning tv producer, published author, tv host, course creator and so much more, presently building her YouTube channel with her weekly show “Talking Ish” where love, life, sex and relationship issues are discussed. And she is the creator of the “Seasoned Tees” shirt line.

She lets us know that even if you come from a small town, you can do big things! Her entrepreneurship journey started out of not getting fair opportunities in a white male dominated environment. She stepped out in faith and her skills landed her a show on BET as executive producer and host. She continued to build on this success, building her production company. 

She shares with us her victories and failures that followed, such as her attempt of her own network, the TOS network. 

She cautions to keep that entrepreneurial ego in check and to work with technology and tools already available. We discuss that it’s ok when things take longer than hoped, as building a business simply takes time and that it is ok to work a full time job while building your business, suggesting to use that job as a seed investor. You can be your first seed investor!

Again, so much valuable information in this episode. If you are thinking of starting a business, or are building a business, you do not want to skip this episode!

My favorite quote from this episode: ‘You can do this on your own”. What was your favorite part of the interview? Let us know!

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