MGG INSPO REPEAT – Chat with a vegan Culinary Innovator

Cooking with Que is the all-embracing experience of wholesome unity delivered from the kindred vision, spirit, and hands of Culinary Innovator, Executive Chef, and Founder, Quiana “Que” Broden. Founder of Detroit's Only Demonstration Kitchen and Culinary Shared Space, The Kitchen by Cooking with Que serves as Cafe experience by Day & Event Space by night — where Que delivers dishes of zestful and earth-conscious substance in a way that…mindfully immerses vegan and meat eaters into blissful co-existence.

Keenly originative in plant based meal introduction, preparation, education, and balanced eating, Cooking with Que is the healthful haven urging people to eat to live. It is the home of nuanced nutrition allowing all to discover life’s greatest gifts through the thought-provoking engagement, empowerment and elevation of our everyday plates.

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