MGG INSPO REPEAT – Chat with a magazine founder & editor-in-chief

My guest on this episode is Erikka Yvonne, founder & editor-in-chief of Strut in her Shoes magazine. As founder of Strut In Her Shoes, she is always advocating for women and young girls. The platform provides a safe space for women to share their authentic journeys and experience the priceless gift of healing through the sharing of their stories and timeless connection with like-minded women.

Erikka proudly wears many hats. For over 10 years, she has dedicated herself to design and creative direction.She is a graphic designer, brand manager and creative director, you may call her your Creative Bestie™️. She's committed to amplifying the black voice and strives to create opportunities for underrepresented narratives.

During this episode we discuss her journey of publishing her magazine online and in print, her team, the emotional journey of entrepreneurship, failure, naps, passion, how important a support system is and how fear should not hold you back, but how we should use it to push us towards our goals. One of her five year old goals: Starting a publishing house. I cannot wait to see what she will publish!

Erikka is a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho, Sorority, Inc. and Alpha Kappa Psi, Inc. Also, Alpha Phi Omega National Service. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relationships from Grand Valley State University.

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