MGG INSPO REPEAT – Chat with a D’VINE Cookie manufacturer 🍪

If you are afraid to start your own business, your friends and family are telling you that you are crazy for your dreams…📢 this is your episode! 

Rebecca Abel-Buick is the CEO & founder of D’VINE Cookies, a seemingly fearless and determined financial planner, who set out to make something not only delicious but also beautiful. She describes herself as always having big dreams and aspirations.  

When she first decided to start D’VINE Cookies, she told her parents that it will be a multi-million dollar business and she’s well on her way. 

The idea of her own luxury cookie brand came to her, while she was going through a divorce, she needed a challenge. A challenge it was, as she is not a baker nor does she have a food manufacturing background. This was in September and she started taking orders in December, a 10k revenue first month! 

Rebecca credits her career in financial planning as a valuable backdrop to develop many of the skills she needed for this journey. 

We discussed it all, being a single parent while building a new business, finding space(s), food truck, staff, licensing, financing, how wholesaling can be expensive, google university and everything that goes into building a food manufacturing business and what her end goal is!

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MGG EP# 33 – 🏠Final Check-In episode of 2022